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Dan Goldes, SFSDF Alum, speaks about his documentary projects in a new article.  The article’s posted at one of the leading Indie Film websites in the country.

‘5 Blocks’, the film project about revitalizing the San Francisco central Market Street neighborhood, is a groundbreaking ‘Must Know’ for fellow Filmmakers…

Read the rest at http://www.filmcourage.com  Here is the link:  http://t.co/dqfH5EYp



Naga Sridhar Kataru’s short film, Boxed In, completes its premier this week at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. He couldn’t be more pleased that The Festival deemed his entry in the top 4% of films submitted!

Here is the festival program:


Naga came to SFSDF in 2010 for the five-week course, then completing the one-year program, having taken a sabbatical from the software industry to learn Filmmaking. He describes always wanting to know what went into making a film, like an engineer wants to see inside of something to understand how it works.

He loved Film so much, he quit his software job to pursue Filmmaking full-time.

He says,

I am fascinated by how visuals and sound affect human emotion. All my films have roots in social, cultural or spiritual issues that intrigue me. They serve as a platform upon which I build my story. Sometimes it may be obvious to the viewer, other times it may not be.”

We’re proud of Naga’s achievement!

And, Navjyot Bandiwadekar, a former SFSDF student, is excited about his film “Emma” being nominated for an award at the 2013 Jaipur Film Festival! More about Navjyot’s film in a coming post!

Congratulations to Naga and Navjyot on their accomplishments!



Andrea P., a grad of Class 11 from the one-year program, is still pinching herself over her recent film job. Hired as the 2nd Assistant Director for the feature documentary, “City of Light”, Andrea found herself in the midst of an ambitious, fast-paced shoot.

Her job description?

“I had to talk to everyone. I couldn’t hold back. If I had to talk to the Director or the D.P. or the make-up artist about timing, I had to push to expand my boundaries.”

Did she enjoyed the work?

“I didn’t sleep much, but I didn’t mind. I needed to accept I would make mistakes, take them in stride and move on. It was overwhelming, frustrating, challenging and thrilling. It was a great feeling. “

With this job under her belt, Andrea gets to build on her SFSDF education and prior film experiences. We’re thrilled for her! Go, Andrea!



The prior post on a Grad Success Story about Valarie Blue Bird Jernigen is one of the reasons that San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking (SFSDF) started a documentary filmmaking program. With the 6-MONTH DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKING PROGRAM starting NOVEMBER 10th, we’re mindful how powerful documentary filmmaking is.  And, that The Bay Area is a region which has given rise to many powerful documentary filmmakers.

While SFSDF has always covered Documentary filmmaking in its coursework, it became clear that creating a Documentary Filmmaking Program and giving aspiring Documentary Filmmakers a dedicated place to explore their own voice, was not only needed but necessary.  As social media provides more and more venues for self-expression, as plug-and-go technology allows guerrilla shoots to be filmed and quickly uploaded online and on-screen, we believe strongly that the tools to have the greatest impact are badly needed. So, the 6-month Documentary Filmmaking Program is a course whose time has come.

You can expect the same hands-on learning and support you expect from SFSDF in the Documentary program.  With creative classmates and masterful instructors, the sky’s the limit. We look forward to watching documentary students fly towards their filmmaking and life goals.

Read about the Documentary Program here:

Also, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to answer your questions.


What Our Grads Do

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide whether a school is the right one – even after you know everything the school tells you. So, you do research, you ask people, you try to feel it and reason the decision through.

One of the ways a potential student can get a greater feel for a school is to see what graduates of that school do with their education. San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking, (SFSDF), has many grads of all program lengths who find their way into film-related work. Those grads’ creativity finds a voice with the digital film education SFSDF provides.

One such grad that comes to mind is Valarie Blue Bird Jernigen.

Valarie films her documentary while at SFSDF.

In 2009, Valarie found SFSDF as she came to the Bay Area to be part of the staff Stanford University. She completed the year-long filmmaking program at SFSDF, during which she filmed a documentary on the 1970’s Native American occupation of Alcatraz Island, the infamous San Francisco Bay location of a prison.

Her documentary led her to write a script on the event and find herself and her writing partner recipients of a prestigious international award. Read about her film journey here on the Film Courage website, a website that shares stand-out stories in Independent Filmmaking.

SFSDF gives students the ability to take their digital film education and apply it to whatever they like. Whether it’s feature films, music videos, commercials, documentaries, or television applications, SFSDF can give you the tools and experiences you need to make digital filmmaking part of your future.

Questions? We would love to answer your questions, and talk with you about your goals and dreams. Just give us a call.


Improv Everywhere Comes to sfsdf!

Is it real or is it improv?

SFSDF is excited to host a LIVE event with Charlie Todd of the world famous Improv Everywhere. MC’d by SFSDF Film Acting instructor and all-around amazing actor, Jeffrey Weissman, the evening will feature Todd delivering some insider-info from one of the most entertaining and creative improv organizations in the world. Event will be held on Wednesday, August 17th from 6:30 – 7:30pm.

From the response we’ve gotten already, it looks like we’ll have a full house – 100+ in attendance! So, yeah. You may want to get a ticket soon.

The Improv Everywhere Live! show is an hour of behind-the-scenes stories from Charlie’s unique personal experiences as the organizer of Improv Everywhere’s legendary missions. The show also features clips of Improv Everywhere’s best videos with Charlie’s live commentary and an interactive question and answer session.

Charlie Todd is the founder of Improv Everywhere, producing, directing, performing, and documenting the group’s work since 2001. Charlie is the author of Causing a Scene, published by Harper Collins in 2009. Based in New York, Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places and has executed over 100 missions involving thousands of undercover agents including the legendary Grand Central Freeze and the infamous No Pants! Subway Ride. The group’s videos have received over 170 million views online.

Also, we are super-lucky to have a a Full Festival Pass to raffle off for one lucky winner! Call it a ‘Golden Ticket’ to what is sure to be one of the biggest improv events of the year! Email Christopher@sfdigifilm.com to enter!

SFSDF student? You’re getting in for 50%-off! Email to get on the list! Everyone else – you can get your tickets HERE!

What We’ve Done


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